Série VII
The 4 motors Actualway® Gynaecological Chair/Couch has been designed for carrying out treatments and examination: gynaecology, urology, oncology, observing operation, laboratories, blood collection, donation and emergency services


  • Maximum comfort for both the doctor and patient
  • Firm and elegant construction provides maximum stability
  • Quiet and smooth operation of the chair
  • Variable height from: min. 55cm / máx. 98cm
  • 3 sections: back rest, seat rest, leg rest
  • 2 available versions: gynaecological / couch
  • 4 Motors (back rest, seat rest, height and leg rest adjustment)
  • Trendelenburg position -12º in 12 sec. activated on the handset or on the optional crash button
  • Perfect horizontal position operated on the handset
  • Adjustable head cushion
  • Handset with 10 keys
  • Removable leg rest (gynaecological)
  • Set of patient stainless steel handles easily interchangeable (gynaecological version only)
  • Set of variable height, adjustable, 360º rotating and removable arm rests
  • Set of ergonomic, variable height, adjustable, 360º and removable leg holders
  • 4 rotating 10cm diameter castors with individual locking system
  • Stainless steel paper roll holder
  • Included battery
  • Stainless steel waste drawer
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Class M2 fire proof coated fabric, efficient against bacteria (MRSA), water proof and easy to clean with water and soap
  • Metal frame with epoxy painting
  • Tested and approved
  • Max load capacity: 200 kg + accessories
  • Wide range of coated fabric colours
  • 2 years warranty



  • Min. Height: 55cm
  • Couch version max. Height : 94cm
  • Gynaecological version Max height : 98cm
  • Overall Length: 183cm
  • Seat width: 63x48cm
  • Back support: 63x78cm
  • Support to the legs: 63x41cm
  • Overall Width including the arm rests: 97/107cm
  • Base metal frame: 101x75x26cm


  • Net Weight: 90Kg
  • Gross weight including pallet and carton: 130Kg
  • Pallet: 0,80x1,20x1,60m

Empresa certificada pelo Infarmed: Nº 154/DM/2016 – Fabricação


Rua Manuel Assunção Falcão, Nº 337, Armazém 13 4475-041 Santa Maria de Avioso Maia, Portugal

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